PUPS CANCELLED - Notice about pool temperature

After we noticed the water was unusually cold yesterday, I contacted the school district.  Their pool maintenance worker checked the pool this morning. He found that the motor that moves the warm water into the pool is broken.  They will have a replacement part on Tuesday, February 7th, and will make the repair.  For this reason we are cancelling all pups lessons through 2/8.  

Tonight we will hold practice for Yellow/Blue and Bronze/Silver/Gold.  Yellow & Blue will start with a 15 minute dry land session (stretching/cardio) to try to warm up their bodies before getting in the water.  Bronze will also do their usual 30 minute dry land warm up.  We will decide after tonight if we are going to be able to hold practice on Friday.  Monday I will go to the pool & check the temperature, and we will make a decision about Monday & Tuesdays lessons.

If your swimmer is sensitive to the cold water, and choses not to attend until the pool is repaired, we can offer a refund for these missed lessons.  Please keep in mind the team has no control over these repairs, and we are still paying for the space even if we are not holding practice.  I will calculate the per-lesson refund for families next week once we know how many lessons are going to be cancelled.  (just a note: the per lesson cost is only $3-5 per lesson, so this will likely be under $20 for swimmers who come 5 days a week)

Thanks for being understanding,


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