Moving Day - can you help?

Last spring we moved all of our supplies out of Willow Run. Some went to Rutherford for use over the summer, some went to Coach Colleen's house, and a bunch of it is at Devin's house.  I am looking for some families that might have larger vehicles to move some of the larger items, and any sized vehicles to move all the other stuff.  I anticipate getting the keys to Willow Run by Wednesday of this week.  Then we can start moving things in. The priorities are: the fins, kick boards, pool noodles & safety equipment (mainly at Rutherford).  But in reality all of it needs to get moved sooner rather than later.

If you have a vehicle and would be available between Thursday August 31 & Monday September 4, I please let me know when you would be available. We need to coordinate having access to Rutherford, and having me or a coach who has keys being available to unlock things at Willow Run.  I would love to get this done in 1 day if possible. Many hands make light work, and it's a lot of stuff. 


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